I fell in love with medium format film, which captures authentic and timeless moments with a fine art look.I am honoured to be a part of your wedding and spend the special day with you and your loved ones.
I believe photographs can always bring you back to the big day even after many years with a sense of laughter and tears of joy.I believe photographs can bring back all the sensations of the big day, the sound of laughter, the scent of the flowers and the tears of joy, even after many years.
I want to be more than just your photographer; I want to be someone who makes your life richer and more colourful with my photography. My aim is to capture the delicious moments of love with the gentle and classic touches of film.

a few of my favourite things

My lovely dog, Botan / eating delicious foods / travel adventures / watching movies / the ocean / grey, French blue and white / autumn / Hydrangea(more specific)

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